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About us

Arafah Aid Foundation was founded in 2013, a UK-based charity aiming to support people in need, regardless of faith or background.

To achieve our objectives, we run continuous programmes as well as holding and running events, projects and activities for disadvantaged people within the local and wider communities. Our vision is for everyone in society to enhance the community we live in, making for a better and friendlier place to work and live.

Our recipients are selected using financial asset assessment. This means the poorest families and individuals are to benefit. These people not only find it difficult to feed themselves but also find difficult to place their child/ren in primary school. But with our help young children have access to primary education. We also manage educational projects such as after school classes for local disadvantaged children to improve their attainment level at school.

Our sporting activities used to encourage young people to understand the importance of working in teams and interacting with one another. It is an opportunity for young people of diverse communities, living in different areas and housing estates to socialise, extend hands of friendship and integrate.

We have numerous projects to improve education and unemployment as well as other issues including social factors. Constant work includes helping widows with dependent children, who should be in education. We also provide training for men, women and children alike to earn a living.

In addition, our funding lets us provide winter resources, for example blankets and warm clothes, so our recipients keep themselves warm to survive the conditions faced. We are in partnership with health organisation who provide workshops and advice on health risks. Such as importance of clean water, sanitation, nutrition and well-being.

Another way we are changing youngster’s lives is by giving them the chance to contribute to a community that pleases everyone. This means enriching their lives and keeping them away from the negativity on the streets. This is where young children are prone to crime involving, drugs and other abuse involving abduction. The skills and experiences the children learn and gain during the programme gives them a brighter outlook towards life as a whole and in particular an understanding of their role within their own local community. Most importantly a relationship with positive role models, which may be a volunteer helping Arafah Aid Foundation.